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Nutrition Notes 4 Determined Dancers

Teags Black and White on Pointe

All dancers, whether at a professional or student level, need to develop a good combination of principles to fuel our minds and bodies. This means knowing, exploring and perfecting a “personally tailored” combination of food portion sizes, meal timings, and nutritional values. You need to remember that you train as an athlete does, so you must eat and continually hydrate for energy, strength & stamina.

From a personal perspective, I have found that I have to frequently graze throughout my days as to avoid lulls and spikes in my blood sugar and energy levels. Eating every 2-4 hours on average keeps the brain and nervous system satisfied, this will majorly aid in your concentration and ability to maintain choreography.  They need a constant supply of energy, which can only come from food, but in conjunction, of course, with adequate hydration.  Read More

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Folk ‘n’ Roll with Freddie and the Hoares

Freddie 1

What do you get when you mix together a group of talented musicians, bringing their multi-faceted skills together to produce a unique sound?  You are gifted with the experience of an eclectic band that takes you on a journey through lands of tales and folklore…the rise and fall of tunes as they wisp and whip their way through your ears, as you feel the movement, energy and emotion all the way down to your toes in a raucous heartfelt ride. If you are interested in discovering this type of experience, and believe me, it is an experience, then I heartily recommend the London based band, Freddie and the Hoares.  Read More

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Television Shows – Kicking off the 2013 Year

Television 2

It’s a new year, with new resolutions, new beginnings, and new TV shows. We are starting the year off with many new shows vying for our attention.  Here is an introduction to some of the programs you can expect to find scheduled on your TV lineup!  Feel free to leave us your thoughts and opinions on what you are watching or not watching including the good, the bad and the ugly!  Read More