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The Rise and Fall of a Pop Icon

The year was 1978 and no solo artist was hotter in the Pop Music Scene than Andy Gibb. I was a Senior in High School and Andy‘s music echoed through my days as part of the soundtrack to my life. Although we were close in age, Andy‘s life and mine couldn’t have been more different. While I was studying, he was living the perfect Pop Star dream. Or so I thought.

Andy came from a large family with four older siblings. Three of the siblings were brothers (including a set of twins) who were also sitting at the top of the Pop Music Charts. Those brothers were famously known as the Bee Gees. When Andy became old enough to break into the music profession, he made his way as a solo artist, with there always being talk of him joining his brothers as a Bee Gee at some point. But that was not to be. Just five days after his 30th birthday, he passed away. Many books have been written about the Bee Gees and their rise to fame, and Andy has always been included as part of the family tale. But for all of his success and his tragic young death, he has never been the focus. Until now, that is. (Read more…)