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Working Intelligently As A Dancer

As dancers we put in tireless amounts of blood, sweat, and tears, then often have less to show for it than we would ideally like.  It is only human to want to see instant improvement and results, and as we are acutely dedicated to our discipline we work ourselves to the bone to get to where we want to be.  I want you to think the next time you are presented with a new challenge or goal in your next class or performance, and ask yourself these questions:  Do I want to work brutally hard?  Or Do I actually want to achieve results?  I for one want the results, and while I’m more than willing to work hard for them, I want it to be a kind of hard work that also applies my intelligence.  Read More

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Nutrition Notes 4 Determined Dancers

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All dancers, whether at a professional or student level, need to develop a good combination of principles to fuel our minds and bodies. This means knowing, exploring and perfecting a “personally tailored” combination of food portion sizes, meal timings, and nutritional values. You need to remember that you train as an athlete does, so you must eat and continually hydrate for energy, strength & stamina.

From a personal perspective, I have found that I have to frequently graze throughout my days as to avoid lulls and spikes in my blood sugar and energy levels. Eating every 2-4 hours on average keeps the brain and nervous system satisfied, this will majorly aid in your concentration and ability to maintain choreography.  They need a constant supply of energy, which can only come from food, but in conjunction, of course, with adequate hydration.  Read More