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Blockbuster, Independent, Shorts, even Film Festival News!

Anything to do with film and the filming process may be found here.  Series of blog posts for specific films may occur, as well as sporadic entries from any recent viewings.  At a Glance exclusive interviews will be featured, as well as links to articles, reviews and additional interviews.  Featured blog posts will highlight the current, hottest items found on At a Glance!  

Featured Film Blog…

Jayne’s All Sorts Adventure – A Newbie’s Take on Working on a Film Set (Pt. 1)

“All Sorts” of Filmmaking Fun!  Introduction to the second Indie Feature Film of Rick Castaneda, All Sorts!

Saul Pincus has a Shining Light in “Nocturne”  Filmmaker Saul Pincus shares his insight and his latest project!

Cement Suitcase – A Little Wine for the Soul  Local native Rick Castañeda chats about his Indie Feature Film

Catching Up with Geoffrey Breton  Geoffrey shares his current projects

From the Mud Grows the Lotus  Tahyna Tozzi-MacManus share her latest film project

Eoin Macken – Chats Cold  Eoin discusses his background, his Indie Feature Film and his new NBC series!

Glance – A Film Short Featuring Geoffrey Breton  Check out this beautiful film!

Aaron Poole – A Man for All Seasons  Catch up with Canadian actor Aaron and his latest projects

Geoffrey Breton – Chain Reaction  Geoffrey shares about his career and update on directing Chris Hyson’s Button Eyes!

In the Tub with TJ Scott – Director & Photographer, TJ discusses his charitable coffee table book of photographic portraits

Cold – A Film by Eoin Macken  Leeloo fills us in on the film and all the fun from the Premier

Striking Gold with Will Bowes  Toronto actor shares his journey

The Great Gatsby  Interview with Henry Byalikov

Chris Hyson Music Film Short  Update on Chris about his new project!

Safe Haven  Hector gives us the run down on Julianne Hough’s film debut!

That One Dude in the Cutoffs  Jayne checks in with Storyboard Artist K. Douglas MacRae

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards  Simon checks in with a recap of some of the highlights!

Have You Met My Friend Josh?  An intro and conversation with the multi-talented PR dynamo Josh Sabarra.

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