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Music!  Soundtrack to our Lives!

Any and all genre of music can be found here.  Series of blog posts for a specific musician, band or style may occur, as well as sporadic entries from any interesting items we run across.  At a Glance exclusive interviews will be featured, as well as links to articles, reviews and additional interviews.  Featured blog posts will highlight the current, hottest items found on At a Glance!  

Featured Music:  Cousins Gibb – Nick Endacott-Gibb

Featured Music Blogs:

Will Bowes and Gold Complex – Catching Up with Will Bowes

Reeve Carney – Youth is Wasted – Check out Reeve’s debut solo album!

Will Bowes and Gold Complex – Toronto based band brings a soul/pop vibe!

Charlie Chaplin – New Music from Minor Soul  Max and Jack drop a new single!

Off to Bondi Junction ~ The Latchikos   Aindrias de Staic chats about Gyp-Hop!

Major Sounds with Minor Soul  Dynamic duo Jack and Max Wagner share their music

Drew Bauml at The White Rabbit  Photo update on Drew’s recent gig!

Chooka Parker – Jewel From Down Under  Australia’s Got Talent finalist fills us in on the show and his music

Drew Bauml – All in the Family  Jayne shares her cousin’s talents with us!

Striking Gold with Will Bowes  Toronto actor/musician shares his journey

Evora – Album Launch at The Grand Social  Leeloo brings us all the highlights!

Chris Hyson Music Film Short  Update from Chris and his new project!

Meet Eden!  Classical/Crossover vocal duo share about their journey!

Introducing Musician and Composer Chris Hyson  A visit with Chris discussing his debut release

Hurry Up Before I Die  Review of Dublin based band Evora’s debut album by Leeloo

Folk ‘N’ Roll with Freddie and the Hoares  A moment with Freddie with and his friends

Tell Me Your Name  A chat with Alan Rickard from the Dublin based band Evora


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