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Mid-Season Report: glee – Season Four


glee premiered back in 2009 as the first musical series on television and is still the leader in this genre today. For more than three years, glee has continued to make its way on TV, having aired this fourth season on Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX. New settings for the show provided a huge turn this season.  Whether you’re watching it or not, everyone seems to have their idea about glee.

The fourth season has graduated its seniors; Rachel (Michele Lea), Finn (Cory Monteith), Quinn (Dianna Agron), Puck (Mark Salling), Santana (Naya Rivera), Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.).  Another of the changes was Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) once again taking over the glee club, New Directions.  What happens to those who are still in school, those who stayed around and those who left, become the focus of what this fourth season is centered around.  Read More

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How British Television Has Ruined Christmas….

broken xmas tree

(Beware! Spoilers abound for current seasons of Merlin, Doctor Who and Downton Abbey)

I remember a time, not so long ago when I didn’t even want to hear about British television or movies (well apart from Harry Potter)… Even though I was fluent in English, the British accent didn’t make sense to me. Then Merlin happened… A nice little family show about the legend of King Arthur. At least that’s how my friends sold it to me. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But we’ll come back to Merlin later.

After having discovered how beautiful (and by beautiful I mean sexy) the British/Irish accent is, I needed more of it in my life. That is how I came to discover Sherlock, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Skins, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Luther, Being Human and so on. As of today I can’t go on, not even one day, without hearing someone speak with a British accent. It’s like air to me… Ok you now know this about me, I do not do things lightly. When I love something I don’t give it up until I’m disgusted by it… I don’t think I’ll ever be disgusted by British shows.  Read More

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New Contributors!

blog image 2

We are growing!!  At A Glance Mag has added two new featured writers to our blog!  Please welcome Simon and Leeloo to our family! They bring with them a fresh outlook and voice to add some depth to our articles.  You may find out more about them on the Our Contributors page.

If you would be interested in joining our team, feel free to contact us at  We are adding volunteer contributors for reoccurring segments as well as one-shot features.  Why not come have some fun?!

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Merlin – The Time Has Come

merlin-season-5-promo pic

Photo Courtesy of BBC One and @MerlinOfficial

Kind of…

My Tumblr is laden with Merlin things as the series finally reaches it’s end on Christmas Eve.  I am heartbroken and excited at the same time, for multiple reasons.  I don’t want the series to end, yet I know it must.  Yet I can’t wait for the end to get here because these last episodes have been so good, it’s amazing to watch.  At the same time, I don’t want it to end not just because I will miss it, but because of the fear I have..will I be unhappy with the way it ends?  Will I be satisfied but sad because of where they take the characters and it ruins me on an emotional level?  Will I be happy all the way around, or will I totally hate it…   Read More…

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Dancing, Fundraising and Beatlemania

A Moment and an Event with Tristan MacManus…

If you are a fan of Dancing with the Stars you undoubtedly know of Tristan MacManus.  According to Tristan, he’s “The Hot One” on the show.  Ok, so the line was scripted, but I doubt you will find many who disagree.   The Irish born and bred Tristan debuted on Dancing with the Stars in Season Twelve as a performer in the Dance Troupe.  The following season he returned to participate in the competition, being assigned partner Nancy Grace and went on in subsequent seasons to compete with partners Gladys Knight and Pamela Anderson.  Tristan’s approach and teaching method with his partners, his skill and wit are all qualities which have endeared him as a fan favorite Pro dancer.  But there is more to Tristan than just dancing.  Read More

Tristan and Pamela Anderson - Photo Courtesy of

Tristan and Pamela Anderson – Photo Courtesy of

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Have You Met My Friend Josh?


Photo Courtesy of Josh Sabarra

A Moment with Josh Sabarra…

When I started putting together ideas for the first interview articles launching this magazine, one person immediately came to mind.  I met Josh Sabarra online via Twitter.  Josh and I shared common interests, most notably that of a fondness for a television program called Dancing with the Stars.  Josh’s connection to the show was more than just fondness; as it turned out he had a much deeper connection to the program.  I’ll get to that, but first let’s meet Josh.  Read More

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Introductions are in Order…

The time has come to put this blog in motion and go live!  I thought maybe I should start off introducing myself since this is my project and I will be the primary contributor.   My name is Jayne and I enjoy most everything to do with entertainment.  I follow various aspects of the entertainment industry and enjoy keeping up with celebrities whose careers I appreciate. I’m interested in how television, movies, theater, and music are created, produced, promoted and performed.  Our world and what inspires us on all creative levels, as well as things that help us to live a better life, things that encourage and bring awareness…these are all areas of interest as well.  Being a fan of social media and networking, I thought what better way to bring these topics together than doing my own magazine blog!  Crazy right?!  I know!!  Read More…