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Cousins Gibb – Nick Endacott-Gibb

Musical talent in one form or another seems to run in families. No more so than if you are a member of the Gibb family. Yes, the Gibb family, of Bee Gees fame. Recently, two family members came together to form a new collaboration aptly named Cousins Gibb.

The next two Features here at At A Glance will introduce you to each of the cousins. I have recently corresponded with Nick Endacott-Gibb, hailing from Hove, England UK. Nick has shared his musical background, as well as his discovery and confirmation of his relationship to the Gibb family as Maurice Gibb‘s son. The Feature following we will meet Debora McLane, from Sydney, Australia, the other half of Cousins Gibb. Debora is the daughter of the Bee Gees sister, Lesley Gibb Evans. Read more

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I Love Fall, Do You?

I LOVE fall weather. It has always been my favorite season. I am fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest where we experience all the changing of the seasons. I’ve grown accustom to the rhythm that encompasses their flow.

Fall particularly has always spoke to me. It has signified new beginnings in my life journey. Weird, because most would look at Spring as being the new beginning time. But not so much for me. You see, I was born in September. I began my life during this time. School and college kicked off in the fall as well as a number of the jobs I have held. My son was born in late August and our first few months together were spent during this season. Fall, in particular September, has always been a new adventure time for me.

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