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Dancing with the Stars Season 16 – Week 10 Finale!!

Two Nights of Wonderful to Round out Season 16! 

Jayne’s Introduction:

Wow!  It’s hard to believe that Season 16 has come to an end!  Although it seemed there were a number of predictable outcomes throughout the months, the time was splashed with amazing dancing, heartfelt moments, injuries, humor, and great musical performances. The two night Finale pulled out all the stops and jam-packed every moment full of dance for the remaining four couples.  As we finish up the season with our final Feature, Hector provides us with a breakdown of the couples’ performances along with his overall thoughts.  With him covering the dance details, I’ve added just a few personal comments of my favorite things on each couple as well.  So let’s get to it!  Read More…


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Dancing with the Stars Season 16 – Week 9: Voters Choice & 300th!

Jayne’s Introduction:

We’re down to the wire this week with the Semi-Finals.  The last elimination takes place as we gear up for the grand finale! Hard to believe this season is almost over!  But, before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to review the semi-finals and the amazing dances that took place, as well as say goodbye to one final dance couple!  The couples had to perform two dances again this week, one being assigned and one being a dance not in the normal line up of dances.  This second dance was selected for them by the viewers, after a little input being given by the couples as to their favorite choice.  Along with all of that excitement, Tuesday night marked the celebration of the 300th episode of Dancing with the Stars!  What an achievement!  Read More

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Dancing with the Stars Season 16 – Week 8: Trios

Jayne’s Introduction:

Hello all our DWTS faithful readers!!  What a crazy whirlwind week we’ve had!  There were two dances per couple, some interesting judging comments and scores, and (created?) drama for the bottom couples.  Things here at At a Glance have been just has hectic!  So for this week, I am leaving the helm once again to Hector.  Read on to find out his thoughts on all the crazy awesomeness that is Trio week!  Read More

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Chris Hyson – Button Eyes: Music Film Short

Chris Hyson
Photo Courtesy of Chris Hyson

About two months ago I did an interview with fabulous musician Chris Hyson.  At that time Chris shared about his newly released digital album, Little Moon Man.  When thinking of ways to promote his music, Chris, along with his friend Alexander Vlahos, embarked on a project to create a short music film for one of the amazing tracks titled Button Eyes.  Along the way, the guys added Geoffrey Breton from Wolfheart Productions to direct and help with the story line.  Read More

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Dancing with the Stars Season 16 – Week 7: Dance Off

Hector Starts Us Off:

Here’s the Lucky seventh week episode, Latin Night, with no one less than featured mega stars Juanes and Michael Buble! DWTS is outdoing themselves!  I love the DWTS production team ideas for Season 16!  Hope this creativity and no-expense-spared attitude will push ratings through the roof!  Can we  have eight more years of DWTS?  What can I tell you, I love this show!  Juanes is a genuine Latin star, very big in Hispanic America for years now, but apparently now interested in a crossover effort.  Love to have him splash into American TV, thanks to DWTS.  The Colombian singing idol is very authentic, full of beans, individualistic singer!  His performances were short versions of his greatest hits, plus Tengo Una Camisa Negra, a big Juanes song, enhanced by a fun and festive dance feature by Troupe members.  This sophisticated, elegant, carnival-like choreography was smoothly done by Louis Van Amstel.  Read More