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Dancing with the Stars Season 16 – Week 2 Thoughts!

Jazz, Jive and Quickstep!

Hector here!  Dancing with the Stars Season 16, Week 2!  Here we go again folks!   Going down the roller coaster with mixed emotions!  First week is like we’re going up and up.  This week we’re alternately thrilled and downbeat, euphoric for some, sad for others.  Jayne and I are going to break it down…so let’s get to it!  Read More…

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Dancing with the Starts Season 16 – New Pros, New Stars, New Dances!

Dancing with the Stars – Premier Review

If you are not a regular reader of At a Glance Mag, you may not have noticed a semi-common thread through a number of articles and interviews published here.  Dancing with the Stars is a favorite television show of mine and I have become acquainted with many lovely people who have been generous and helpful in providing their time to share with us.  So, it should come as no surprise that there will be some coverage of the show itself as it kicks off it’s 16th Season!  For this first night of dancing, I’ve invited one of our contributors, Hector, to share a bit of his impressions of the couples, the dances, chemistry…whatever he may feel like voicing.  Since I couldn’t stand to let him have all the fun, I decided to add my two cents in as well.  So, we will start off with an introduction paragraph from Hector and then a breakdown of each couple, listed in the order of HIS preference!  Read More…

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Introducing Musician and Composer Chris Hyson

A Visit with Chris Hyson

Photo Courtesy of Chris Hyson

I have heard music and other art forms being described as mediums that create emotion which affords us the ability to experience rather than just intellectually understand what the artist is trying to communicate.  I relate to this as I find the best way to describe music is that it moves me, and I don’t mean that in just a physical way.  As much as I love to dance, music moves me emotionally, I feel it inside.  And I think most people would agree.  That’s why it’s easy to say that it only took a moment for me to fall in love with Chris Hyson’s music.  From my first introduction to the soft jazz melodies, this music was speaking my language, I felt it inside.  Read More…

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Hurry Up Before I Die – Evora

Review of Dublin Based Band Evora’s Debut Album

Evora Hurry Up Before I Die - Cover

Photo Courtesy of Evora

Not really knowing how to start this music review (it will be a music review in the end if it all goes according to plan, I promise), I do not consider myself an expert in the matter, far from it actually, but I know what I like.  What I look for in a song, in a voice, is this little thing that makes me forget, that takes me to a complete other world.

A few months ago, I watched a movie (Dreaming For You by Eoin Macken) and fell in love with a song, a voice, that of Evora, an Irish band from County Dublin.  If you are an avid reader of At a Glance, you’ve already heard of them, as Jayne interviewed Alan Rickard (the voice of Evora) a few months back.  Read More

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Seth Peterson – Renaissance Man

Catching up with actor Seth Peterson

Seth as Robbie in “Providence”
Photo Courtesy of Seth Peterson

There are places I remember..all my life, though some have changed. The melodic sounds of the Lennon/McCartney penned In My Life was the opening theme to one of my favorite long running NBC Network television series titled Providence.  The show centered on a young plastic surgeon named Dr. Sydney Hansen, played by Melina Kanakaredes, and the misadventures of her family members.  Younger brother, Robbie, was a likable gent who in spite of his kind heart, usually ended up in some type of unseemly financial situation.  The relationship between Sydney and Robbie was heartwarming, frustrating and touching.  Providence’s Robbie was my first introduction to the wonderfully talented actor, Seth Peterson.  Read More

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Emerald City Comicon 2013 – Make It So!

Stu Con 1

Welcome to Emerald City Comicon!
Photo Courtesy of Stu Cartwright

This past weekend, my friend Stu Cartwright attended the Emerald City Comiconor ECCC.  I had originally planned to attend, but when I wasn’t able to, I asked Stu if he might fill us in on a bit of his adventure.  Thanks for sharing Stu, and for giving us a little peek into the amazing world that is Comicon.  And now, as Star Trek’s Captain Picard would say, make it so!  Stu shares…  Read More

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Safe Haven – Film Review

Feature Film, Safe Haven

As excited and entertained as I was seeing the new Julianne Hough/Josh Duhamel filmSafe Haven, the bad news is that it has received some really not so great reviews.  The movie, based on the Nicholas Sparks novel and directed by famed director, Lasse Hallstrom, received 34/100 score from Metacritic (site that uses an average of 27 critics across the nation), and Rotten Tomatoes (a reviewing source) gave it 12/100.  Overall, this was the second to lowest score out of about 20 new movies this season.

But, the viewing public had a bit different tally.  Read More