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Meet Jayne…

Founder of At A Glance.  I like livin’ on the sunny side of the street, collecting talented people, wannabe blogger, and author of a novel I’ll probably never finish.  I love everything about the Entertainment it functions, what makes it tick.  I’m interested in how television, movies, theater, dance, music, and art are created, produced, promoted and/or performed.  Basically a “People Person”, chatting seems to absorb too much of my time!  Somehow managed to survive college with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, I logged many years working in desktop publishing and being a glorified jack-of-all-office-trades.  With a few years of Wedding Coordinating under my belt as well as Non-Profit Fundraising Banquets and Fan Convention Committee Chairs, I believe I can take on the world!


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Meet Simon…

Simon comes to us from France!  He is 21 years old and has a three-year degree in digital/web communications.  Being bi-lingual has its advantages.  Simon translates original subtitles into French for shows like Parenthood (NBC) and Glee (Fox).  He does translation (English to French) for some Glee-related French websites, including articles, interviews and videos.  Basically he says he’s a French guy speaking, listening and breathing English!  Simon loves TV and concludes that all his favorite shows are his best friends as they keep him company on those long, endless cold French nights!  We are so happy to have Simon join us and share with us his insight into his favorite shows and the characters we all love!


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Meet Leeloo…

Twenty going on thirty. Spend way too much time watching TV shows and fangirling over guys i’ll never have. if you are Irish with long-ish brown hair and a beard there is a big chance i’ll fall for you.


Teags White Dress Shadow

Meet Teagan…

Dancer w/ The Australian Ballet Company…. face of @EnergetiksDance wear…. Associate Artistic Director & Rehearsal Director…. Columnist/Reviewer for @dancehub magazine…..but most importantly….  ~ Lover of all things Art Deco! ~


Meet Hector…

Reeling from losing my dearly beloved, my four children tell me they’re sick of my moping around for years, to get a life! A Harvard-Berkeley-Paris educated architect and passionate lover of all things human, especially art, I have moved on from architecture. Still do designs only if I can deal in beauty.  It’s what I like; in literature, movies, rock/classical/any type of music, TV shows, haut or pop…I gobble it all up! I discovered the prodigious Internet where I can find all of the above, and make interesting human connections, like fascinating Jayne! Maybe not the lost heiress of the Romanovs, but someone as romantic! I love her blog and told her- and here I am contributing to her wondrous, magical creative Superblog!

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