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Theater!  From Backstage to the Boards!

Series of blog posts for a specific production or events may occur, as well as sporadic entries.  We will cover a wide variety of theater…from plays, musicals, ballet and anything else in between!  At a Glance exclusive interviews will be featured, as well as links to articles, reviews and additional interviews.  Featured blog posts will highlight the current, hottest items found on At a Glance!

Featured Theater Blog…

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” with Luis  Luis Maesso chats about drama training and his Extra gum commercial.

Catching Up with Geoffrey Breton  Geoffrey share his current projects including summer theater performance

Working Intelligently As A Dancer  Tips from Teagan

Life of a Dancer   A conversation with ballerina Teagan Lowe

Seth Peterson – Renaissance Man  Interview with Seth for a look into the actor’s road

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