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Fun, Fun, Fun with Peter Foldy

(Photo Credit to Jonathan Burkhart )

I am so happy to be able to introduce to my blog readers today, Mr. Peter Foldy. Peter is a multi-talented award nominated Musician, a Producer/Writer/Director/Actor in the Film Industry, as well as a talented Photographer. A quick scan of Peter‘s iMDB page produces an impressive list of credits. That being said, I knew when trying to figure out where to start in discussing his craft(s), there was going to be some ground to cover! So, we are breaking down the different avenues into separate Features, starting with his music and an overall general introduction, with more to come down the road. (Read More…)

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The Rise and Fall of a Pop Icon

The year was 1978 and no solo artist was hotter in the Pop Music Scene than Andy Gibb. I was a Senior in High School and Andy‘s music echoed through my days as part of the soundtrack to my life. Although we were close in age, Andy‘s life and mine couldn’t have been more different. While I was studying, he was living the perfect Pop Star dream. Or so I thought.

Andy came from a large family with four older siblings. Three of the siblings were brothers (including a set of twins) who were also sitting at the top of the Pop Music Charts. Those brothers were famously known as the Bee Gees. When Andy became old enough to break into the music profession, he made his way as a solo artist, with there always being talk of him joining his brothers as a Bee Gee at some point. But that was not to be. Just five days after his 30th birthday, he passed away. Many books have been written about the Bee Gees and their rise to fame, and Andy has always been included as part of the family tale. But for all of his success and his tragic young death, he has never been the focus. Until now, that is. (Read more…)


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Cousins Gibb – Nick Endacott-Gibb

Musical talent in one form or another seems to run in families. No more so than if you are a member of the Gibb family. Yes, the Gibb family, of Bee Gees fame. Recently, two family members came together to form a new collaboration aptly named Cousins Gibb.

The next two Features here at At A Glance will introduce you to each of the cousins. I have recently corresponded with Nick Endacott-Gibb, hailing from Hove, England UK. Nick has shared his musical background, as well as his discovery and confirmation of his relationship to the Gibb family as Maurice Gibb‘s son. The Feature following we will meet Debora McLane, from Sydney, Australia, the other half of Cousins Gibb. Debora is the daughter of the Bee Gees sister, Lesley Gibb Evans. Read more

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I Love Fall, Do You?

I LOVE fall weather. It has always been my favorite season. I am fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest where we experience all the changing of the seasons. I’ve grown accustom to the rhythm that encompasses their flow.

Fall particularly has always spoke to me. It has signified new beginnings in my life journey. Weird, because most would look at Spring as being the new beginning time. But not so much for me. You see, I was born in September. I began my life during this time. School and college kicked off in the fall as well as a number of the jobs I have held. My son was born in late August and our first few months together were spent during this season. Fall, in particular September, has always been a new adventure time for me.

Read more…

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Jayne’s All Sorts Adventure – A Newbie’s Take on Working on a Film Set (Pt. 1)

It’s hard to know where to start with this adventure… maybe I should just start at the beginning. The beginning of how a newbie ended up working on a film set.  So what follows is a little peek at what an everyday girl experienced from introduction to wrap on the set of All Sorts, an Independent Feature Film.

Rick Castaneda, Writer and Director

So… the beginning…  back in June of 2014 I did a Feature for At a Glance with Rick Castañeda discussing his Indie Feature Film, Cement Suitcase.  Rick is a local boy to my hometown area and although he now calls Los Angeles home, he chose to film his project here locally in our valley where he grew up.  After agreeing to do the Q&A with me, he was kind and generous with his time to answer my questions and the Feature turned out quite nicely (you can catch up on the previous Feature here.)

Then in early February of 2018, I ran across some adverts for a casting call for another film that Rick would be doing here in Yakima, WA.  Initially I wasn’t too sure I wanted to audition for a background role, as I have no real experience in acting… but I did know that I really wanted to be involved in some way with this production.  (Read More…)

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Dad Ramblings

Dad – November 29, 2020

The last couple of weeks have been busy. We celebrated my brother’s birthday on the 17th, my son Josh graduated from the Police Academy on the 19th and we were together when he arrived home that night, then we celebrated that event on the 21st. We celebrated Thanksgiving on the 26th, and my brother-in-law’s birthday was today, the 29th. Throughout this whole time, I kept thinking something was missing. We have a fairly small immediate family, just the same people for the most part at each of the events due to Covid, all accompanied with a dinner. We broke bread together, told stories, had a toast or two and a prayer over the meal. But something was missing. I knew what it was, but I kept myself too busy to think about it. Tonight though, as we sat around the table, I couldn’t deny the twinge I felt, missing an extra chair. (Read More…)

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Catching Up with Will Bowes

MV5BMTAwMDk1NzQwODleQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDAwMDU3NzQx._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,665,1000_AL_Down through the years, one of my most favorite people to feature in At a Glance has been musician and actor Mr. Will BowesWill is one of those people who has been blessed with the creativity and talent of multiple mediums.  His IMDB credits reflect a range of television and film positions, and his love of music has reached from composer in those same fields, to his own solo recording career, as well as front man for the Toronto based band, Gold Complex.  All of that, and the fact that he’s just genuinely a nice guy, keeps me inspired to showcase his work.  (Read more…)

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“All Sorts” of Filmmaking Fun!

AS_CoffeeDrinkingImage_4K_v03_RC“Through a secret door behind the office vending machine, a lonely data entry clerk named Diego finds the magical world of championship folder filing.  As he coaches his talented coworker June in the competition, the two begin to fall in love…but do they really have a shot, or are they just fooling themselves?”

This is the quirky world of All Sorts!  All Sorts is an Independent Feature Film that I somehow had the privilege to be a part of!  Filming for three weeks in my hometown of Yakima, Washington, I spent 18 days immersed in the art, the magic and the family of filmmaking.  (Read More…)

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Saul Pincus has a Shining Light in “Nocturne”

Saul Pincus

Saul Pincus ~ Photo Courtesy of Saul Pincus

A few months ago I had the privilege of Co-Chairing a fan event celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the television series La Femme Nikita.  For this event, the Chairs were fortunate to be able to bring in a number of talented people for panel discussions.  Their work ran the gamut of what it takes to bring a television show to fruition.  One of these folks was Saul Pincus. Saul worked as Assistant Editor on La Femme Nikita for 33 episodes.

Having opportunity to meet Saul in person and find out more about his background as a television editor, I also discovered his very diversified work in Feature Film.  His recent film, Nocturne, which Saul co-wrote and directed, has played to a variety of film festivals and won multiple awards! Read more…

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Reeve Carney – Youth is Wasted


Reeve Carney’s Debut Studio Album ~ Cover Design and Photo by Timothy Garrett

Today I bring an introduction, live show experience, and music review of a multi-talented artist whose musical stylings I find lush, fresh and authentic.

I personally discovered the wonders of Reeve Carney when I finally gave way to my fears and took a peek at the widely successful Showtime television series Penny Dreadful.  I found Reeve’s portrayal of the immortal hedonist Dorian Gray extremely spot on, which is saying a lot considering my affinity for the character (check out my much earlier article, The Confessions of Dorian Gray – This World Our Hell.)  Read more…