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Catching Up with Will Bowes


Photo Courtesy of Will Bowes

Down through the years, one of my most favorite people to feature in At a Glance has been musician and actor Mr. Will BowesWill is one of those people who has been blessed with the creativity and talent of multiple mediums.  His IMDB credits reflect a range of television and film positions, and his love of music has reached from composer in those same fields, to his own solo recording career, as well as front man for the Toronto based band, Gold ComplexAll of that, and the fact that he’s just genuinely a nice guy, keeps me inspired to showcase his work.

Not to disappoint, Will has been busy since our last feature.  Two separate music projects that debuted in the last couple of months, one a solo single making it’s way to the top of Spotify’s playlists, and the other a visually stunning music video of Gold Complex‘s new single, streaming on multiple platforms.  Will was kind enough to squeeze some time in for us and I took a moment to ask specifically about these projects.

Hey Will!  Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us.  First off, tell us a bit about your solo single, Mad at the World.  I understand that you were inspired to write it following recent attacks in Toronto.  The underlying theme of the song can be found in the phrase, Love Finds a Way to us All.  How much did you struggle to get to that place personally in the midst of the chaos, and do you find that music tends to be your go-to emotional outlet?

Of course!  Mad at the World is a reaction to the dissatisfaction that I, as well as I’m sure so many others, are feeling right now.  The current social and political climate is beyond depressing, and when Toronto experienced those attacks earlier this year I felt compelled to write about it.  I can’t say that it was a struggle to get to that place emotionally, I was kind of already there.  Music is so often a great outlet for expressing emotions, and that doesn’t apply exclusively to sad emotions at all.  I write songs about love, life, specific events and everything in between.  But I will say there is something about pain, heartbreak and discontentment that really sparks creativity on a visceral level.

It’s evident that what you created is resonating with others as the airplay and buzz about the music has been extremely favorable!  

So yes, you’ve been a busy guy since we last chatted!  Your band, Gold Complex, has been in the studio hard at work on a debut full length album set to release in 2019 titled New Soul.  What can you tell us about the band and has the music from this album evolved much from the band’s first EP release?


Photo Courtesy of Gold Complex

Yes, Gold Complex is an 8 Piece Soul pop band from Toronto, which I am the lead singer of.  We’ve been working on our debut album, New Soul, for about 3 years now and are so excited to finally get it out there.  The first single, Fight About Nothing, is available worldwide on all streaming services now.  This album is much more mature than the first EP.  By mature, I mean I think we’ve all grown so much musically and personally since we put out the first effort.  We’ve all experienced our 20’s to an extent since the EP.  This album, in a way, represents the transition from early 20’s to late 20’s, which is a pretty drastic one.  It’s very sobering.

How does the vibe for you differ from when you are recording solo as opposed to with the band?

I’m definitely a pop artist as a solo performer.  Its just always been the genre I feel comfortable writing in and I think I have a bit more of a singer/songwriter vibe.

In anticipation of the new album, the band premiered an amazing music video for the Fight About Nothing single.  Knowing your television and film background, I was eager to see the project!  Heading things up by taking on acting, directing and editing reigns, how satisfying was it to bring this song to visual life?

It was a really cool experience – I got a drone camera and so that was very fun to play with.  We filmed the video over the course of one weekend in the wilderness in Ontario, Canada.  I think the visuals really reflect the messages in the song.

Well, I don’t think the band could have kicked off the anticipation for the new album much better than this!  Can’t wait to experience the new album and am looking forward to sharing it here on At a Glance!

So what’s next for Will?  Anything on the horizon you are cooking up, or at least have your fingers and toes dabbled into?

DjiluQBVsAE3bLaI’m currently working on more solo material, that I will be releasing in early 2019.  I’m acting in a film called Clara that will be released in Canada on November 30th.  And Gold Complex is playing Lee’s Palace in Toronto on Thursday, November 29th.  If you’re in the city I would highly recommend checking us out! 🙂

And I second the high recommendation!  More information for the show may be found here… Lee’s Palace!  Thanks again Will, and congrats on the new music and all of your other adventures!  Now for a little Fast Five!

Fast Five – Questions for Fun…

Do you believe in ghosts?

I think I believe in ghosts, but I’ve never seen one so I’m extremely skeptical…

You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere.  You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?

Italy.  I’ve just never been and it’s definitely next on the bucket list.

Favorite part of your daily routine?

That first coffee.

Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?

Outer space for sure.

Can you keep white shoes clean?

Yes, with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!


Photo Courtesy of Will Bowes

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