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Tell Me Your Name…

A Chat with Evora

Evora Single Release photo

Photo Courtesy of Evora

A music critic I am not, but I do know what I like when I hear it.  That being said, there is a wide range of sounds that appeal to me which cross many genres and repertoires.  When launching At a Glance, I knew music was something I would include through feature interviews and discussion.

So to start us off on our first music interview, I’d like to introduce a band whose sound I really enjoy.  Evora is a five piece group originating from Dublin, Ireland.  They have just released a single and music video titled Tell Me Your Name from their upcoming album, Hurry Up Before I Die.  The album is in final production stages and will be out soon!  Read More


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Almost Time!!

The time has almost come for launching of the blog!  We are feverishly working on interviews and various subjects to chat about, as well as final tweaks to the site.  Can’t wait to share with everyone! It’s all very exciting!! xx

In the meantime…how about a little Holiday Joy?!