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Hello and welcome to At a Glance! We are in the process of launching our blog, so please bear with us while content is being developed.  Thank you!

Author: jayneanastasia

Just a girl who lives on the sunny side of the street, author of novel I'll probably never finish, and collector of talented people. I follow various aspects of the entertainment industry and enjoy keeping up with celebrities whose careers I appreciate. I'm interested in how television, movies, theater, dance and music are created, produced, promoted and performed. For more of these topics, visit my magazine blog at

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Great idea Jayne.
    How can I help you promote your idea. I do live in Las Vegas you know although I don’t really know anyone in the entertainment business. If you need advertisers I can make a couple of calls but would have to know more about proceedures for that.

  2. Jim! You’re amazing!! If I think of anything, you will be the first person I come to! Maybe you’ll just have to put me up for a night when I finally make it down your way! I’ll take in some shows and write some articles on that! =)) As for advertising, I will have to get my traffic up, and hopefully my contacts for interviews won’t run dry…gotta keep on networking!! xx

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