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A Conversation with Ballerina Teagan Lowe

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Photo Courtesy of Teagan Lowe

To dance.  To be able to leap through the air, stand on pointed toe and pirouette, and then gracefully float across a stage.  I have dreamed such dreams.  But in my waking hours, it is blatantly obvious that those types of movements for me personally, will be relegated to remain in my dreams.  Ah, but there are others, more blessed than I, who have that rare and impressive talent.

Teagan Lowe is one such individual.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Teagan for a while now.  She is petite, beautiful and everything you’d think a ballerina should be.  She is also strong, funny and an avid coffee drinker who happens to get distracted by shiny sparkly things.  Agreeing to chat with us, she graciously shared about her life in the dance world, the path she has traveled, as well as her goals and dreams.  Read More

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