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Dancing with the Stars Season 16 – Week 7: Dance Off

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Hector Starts Us Off:

Here’s the Lucky seventh week episode, Latin Night, with no one less than featured mega stars Juanes and Michael Buble! DWTS is outdoing themselves!  I love the DWTS production team ideas for Season 16!  Hope this creativity and no-expense-spared attitude will push ratings through the roof!  Can we  have eight more years of DWTS?  What can I tell you, I love this show!  Juanes is a genuine Latin star, very big in Hispanic America for years now, but apparently now interested in a crossover effort.  Love to have him splash into American TV, thanks to DWTS.  The Colombian singing idol is very authentic, full of beans, individualistic singer!  His performances were short versions of his greatest hits, plus Tengo Una Camisa Negra, a big Juanes song, enhanced by a fun and festive dance feature by Troupe members.  This sophisticated, elegant, carnival-like choreography was smoothly done by Louis Van Amstel.  Read More

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