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Working Intelligently As A Dancer

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As dancers we put in tireless amounts of blood, sweat, and tears, then often have less to show for it than we would ideally like.  It is only human to want to see instant improvement and results, and as we are acutely dedicated to our discipline we work ourselves to the bone to get to where we want to be.  I want you to think the next time you are presented with a new challenge or goal in your next class or performance, and ask yourself these questions:  Do I want to work brutally hard?  Or Do I actually want to achieve results?  I for one want the results, and while I’m more than willing to work hard for them, I want it to be a kind of hard work that also applies my intelligence.  Read More

Author: teagspointe

...Dancer w/ The Australian Ballet Company.... face of @EnergetiksDance wear.... Associate Artistic Director & Rehearsal Director.... Columnist/Reviewer for @dancehub magazine.....but most importantly.... ~ Lover of all things Art Deco!~

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