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My Person, Vanuatu, and Nepal


Greg and I – Just Two Ragamuffins

Many of us have that one person in our lives who truly inspires us.  Some of us are even fortunate enough to be related.  I have such a person in my life.  My first memories of Greg are of us playing together in my backyard.  I was somewhere around four or five years old and Greg was a half year older.  In fact, Greg was born on my mom’s birthday, which probably made him her favorite nephew.  And if not, well, he at least always had the title of favorite cousin from me.  Growing up, Greg was the only boy around my age that I ever felt really comfortable being around.  I do have a brother, but we are separated by seven years, him being the younger.  And yes, I have other boy cousins, but they were more like typical brothers; cousins who you visit with at family functions, playing with some of them and barely tolerating others.  Read More…

Author: jayneanastasia

Just a girl who lives on the sunny side of the street, author of novel I'll probably never finish, and collector of talented people. I follow various aspects of the entertainment industry and enjoy keeping up with celebrities whose careers I appreciate. I'm interested in how television, movies, theater, dance and music are created, produced, promoted and performed. For more of these topics, visit my magazine blog at

2 thoughts on “My Person, Vanuatu, and Nepal

  1. Well, well, well, Jayne Anastasia, you have become a darn good writer. After all, it takes talent to write such an article about that hick you call a cousin. Life is good. It has been one journey with many twists that have led us to where we are today. Some I would rather not recall and yet all make me who I am. I miss you and your warm presence. Stay safe my friend. With much love! Your friend and cousin, Greg.

    • Aww so happy you enjoyed the article! As for you being a hick, well since you moved across country TO the country, I guess that’s what you get. 😉 I think most of us have twists that we would rather not recall, but I agree with how they had a hand in making us who we are. Miss you all and hope to see you sometime in the near future. Looking forward to your next adventure, or that thing you call life. Much love!

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