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“All Sorts” of Filmmaking Fun!

AS_CoffeeDrinkingImage_4K_v03_RC“Through a secret door behind the office vending machine, a lonely data entry clerk named Diego finds the magical world of championship folder filing.  As he coaches his talented coworker June in the competition, the two begin to fall in love…but do they really have a shot, or are they just fooling themselves?”

All Sorts from Sophia Jayne and Austin Edited 2

On Set Location for All Sorts! Left to Right: Me, Director Rick Castañeda, 1st AC Austin Puckett, and Sound Technician Kevin Middleton.  Photo Courtesy of Sophia Gutierrez Perez.

This is the quirky world of All SortsAll Sorts is an Independent Feature Film that I somehow had the privilege to be a part of!  Filming for three weeks in my hometown of Yakima, Washington, I spent 18 days immersed in the art, the magic and the family of filmmaking.  Working as the Script Supervisor (in the most basic way possible), my time on set was unforgettable, as well as a bit overwhelming!  All in a good way, of course!  I will be sharing my personal experience on set in a bit more detail in another At a Glance Feature set to be published in the near future!


View Between Takes from the Monitor in Video Village with Actors Dwayne Bartholomew, Greena Park and Eli Vargas.

Till then, I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce you to the film itself and some of the people involved.  “The feature-length film stars Eli Vargas (Arrested Development, Cesar Chavez), Greena Park (Angel TownFamily from Tang), and Luis Deveze (Ingrid Goes West), and features a diverse cast and crew from Central Washington, Seattle, and Los Angeles.”

Our All Sorts Director, “J. Rick Castañeda, is an award-winning Writer and Director of branded content and narrative films and a co-founder of Psychic Bunny, Inc.  He wrote and directed the feature film Cement Suitcase, a comedy-drama set throughout Central Washington (and for which he graciously did a Feature for At a Glance when it was released!)  The film screened at more than ten film festivals, won multiple awards, and was picked up by Amazon Prime, Hulu, and iTunes.  Rick graduated from USC with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in film.  He has directed videos for Disney, MSN, Imagine Dragons, League of Legends, and just recently, LEGO.”

A synopsis of the film provided by Production gives us a closer peek at just what all these people are up to:

“A lunatic boss, a magical copy machine, a water cooler that likes to make music, and an underground folder filing competition – this is the surreal world of Data Mart, a data management office where all is not is as it seems. 


Diego Discovers June’s Filing Prowess (Eli Vargas and Greena Park)

Diego is desperate – for a job, for excitement, for love.  When he easily impresses Vasquez, the absurd boss who loves data but can’t type, Diego soon finds himself in a strange, strange land.  There he meets June, an incredibly fast filer, and as the two make their way into the secret world of underground filing, things will never be the same.  Diego agrees to be her coach and manager, and as June rises up through the underground filing ranks, the two begin to fall for each other.  But is the love they start to develop actually worth pursuing? Or are they both just fooling themselves?”


Folder Filing Commentary Scene from All Sorts Featuring Actors John Riggs, Ben Buehler, and Luis Deveze 

Now that the principal filming is done and the team is back in their Psychic Bunny offices in Los Angels, the production has launched a Kickstarter program to raise funds to assist in the completion of the post production needs of the film.

And this is where it gets fun!  You can be a part of the magic of All Sorts and filmmaking!  Production is hoping to raise funds through this crowdfunding effort to pay for special effects, audio sweetening, music scoring, festival fees, marketing, and distribution costs.  You may come on board and share in the fun by participating!  According to Co-producer Sophia Gutierrez Perez, “This is an awesome way to help finish a movie, get a legitimate film credit and have a chance to attend special screenings and parties with the cast and crew!”  There are various levels that include other exciting swag and you will be kept in the loop with email updates for the film’s progress.  If this sounds interesting to you, check the Kickstarter project page for more information!

I’m really excited to be on this journey and to share it with you!  I am continuing my relationship with the film by assisting with the Social Media PR, so my connection continues throughout the post production process.  I’ll be here for the ride… come and join me!  Feel free to pass along the info to anyone who might be interested!  And remember to keep an eye out for the upcoming Feature of my own on set experience!

Check out the video below to meet more of the people involved!  You may also find All Sorts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


(Photos, video and synopsis credit to Psychic Bunny, Inc.)


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2 thoughts on ““All Sorts” of Filmmaking Fun!

  1. What an extraordinary creative experience! Mirakle in Yakima! Who would ever think a creative crew of artists would be coming to Yakima Wa to offer you that unique experience. It’s destiny, babe! I will be sending your At A Glance to my would-be film-making family in L. A. My cousin ( 30’sh, love him like a son) Martin Markowitz is presently looking for funds for his movie project as well, but his is less advanced. He did win 6 Int’l. Short Film Awards for his documentary about the Tupamaros of Venezuela, with whom he lived for a while. He used the documentary as his Master Thesis at Columbia U., but lives in L. A. now. BRAINSTORM: Maybe I can do a blog about Martin’s Oeuvre on At A Glance. Whatchathink?

  2. Independent filmmaking takes tons of heart and a bit of luck to be successful. Be proud of the work you’ve done.

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