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Happy One Year Anniversary!

December 13, 2013 by 


It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since I published the first Feature for At a Glance.  After leaving my full-time job, I really wanted to find a way to be personally creative.  I needed to find something I could do that was fulfilling, but on my own schedule.  Suffering with what some would refer to as an invisible disease; I have days where I am not up to doing anything productive, which as you can imagine, can be an issue at times.  So finding something I enjoyed doing without the pressure of always having to be on a set schedule sounded like the perfect project.

The idea of doing my own blog wasn’t a new one.  I had considered blogging previously and had even made lists of what I could make the overall focus…topics ranging from weddings to holiday decorating to the challenges of fighting a long-term health issue.  But nothing ever clicked.  Then one day it just came to me that I could a do a generalized entertainment blog featuring the things I followed on Twitter and Facebook with Features covering specific individuals.  I could even make the topics in a broader range and spotlight any subject that might be of interest from a cultural aspect.

From my work history, I have quite a bit of desktop publishing experience and enjoy writing, but have never done any type of interviewing.  For some reason that didn’t seem to detour my thought that I could actually pull off publishing a blog with Features, and that I might really be able to land some interesting subjects.  Looking back now, I find myself wondering What was I thinking?!  Truth be told, I’m amazed that I am still here a year later.  Amazed and grateful.  I am very proud of this little blog.

It has been a great ride this past year.  Along the way, I picked up some wonderful people to join me on my adventure.  I thought it would be good to have some contributors to help out for the times when maybe I wasn’t able to publish anything myself, as well as to add different voices to the mix.  Currently I have four awesome people who have come on board.  They bring with them various levels of writing experience, backgrounds and age.  Interestingly enough, they are also all from countries other than the US, each of whom I met online but have yet to meet in person!  Thank you, contributors.  I have been truly blessed to work with you!  I have seen each of you grow with the blog as well as in your personal lives, find your voice, and in the case of Hector, be inspired enough to branch out with your own blog (check it here!)  So, since this is a celebration, how about sharing a few words on this one year anniversary!

First off we have Simon from France…

Dear readers,

It’s been a year now since Jayne launched this blog.  I made a few appearances and it has been a pleasure to work and participate to build this big machine that is now At A Glance! I am very happy and grateful to be a part of this team and to have met these great people working here! This is one of the beauties of the digital era:  meeting and getting to know people you would never have met otherwise.

The success of this blog, of our team, is possible thanks to all of you; for being here, leaving comments, sharing the posts.  And I would have that continue for many more years.

So stay tuned!  We’re thinking, creating, asking, writing, typing, and editing all the stuff you’ll enjoy reading later on.

Happy Birthday At A Glance!

Next up is Leeloo, also from France…

Having known Jayne for a little over six months, I was surprised when she asked me to be a contributor for her brand new blog, At A Glance.  I’m not a writer, but the challenge was exciting so I said yes and wrote a few pieces for her in the last year.  How fun it was to get feedback on all the experiences I’ve been lucky to live and write about for AAG.  I’m forever grateful to Jayne for that opportunity and I hope I will be able to continue telling you all about the wonderful things I have the chance to see, hear and live.

Happy One Year anniversary AAG.. and many more!

Then we have Hector from Puerto Rico…

Last year as I was surfing over Twitter I came along @At_a_glance_mag, written by @jayneanastasia.  I knew Jayne Owens (jayneanastasia) as a Dancing with the Stars enthusiast like me.  I read her surprising blog and I had to reevaluate my estimation of Jayne’s broadness of culture and curiosity, just like my car GPS recalculates when surprised with a change in orientation.  Why did a DWTS fan write about esoteric, cultured, highbrow stuff like little known classical composers, really top rate budding Brit actors, crossover sopranos, folksy Irish musical ensembles, and Aussie country piano virtuosos like Chooka Parker?

It was like finding out that a bracelet you found on the street was of real emeralds and pearls (I did when I was six!)  I was excited and amused because never did I expect to find real quality cultural articles in an internet blog!  Not that I knew much about internet blogs or the new worlds to discover online.  I am sort of an old newbie, an internet arrivee.  I had done some movie reviews for the IMDB user reviews.  Fascinated with Jayne’s blog I sent her my movie reviews.  I wanted to be a part of a great blog and get to know this sweet, smart woman who had a sensibility much like mine.  Sweet, understated, human, soulful and celebratory of art and people!

The more I know about Jayne and her awesome blog, the more I love it and her.  Readers, you will not be disappointed by Jayne’s artistic radar!  She discovers the right artists, falls in love with their art and special human quality, asks just the right poignant questions, and gives us a sample of paradise.  Artistic discovery, like one finds in At A Glance Mag, is like enjoying a glimpse of heaven.  Read Jayne’s blog and taste a bit of heaven.

And last but not least, we have Teagan from Australia…

Teagan recently accepted a position as Principal Dancer at Opera Australia in Sydney.  Her schedule has been very hectic with daily rehearsals, but she wanted me to share the enjoyment she has experienced being a part of the At a Glance blog team.  When I originally presented the idea of contributing to Teagan, she was very excited.  She enjoys writing and has other publications she contributes to as well.  Her enthusiasm was so supportive in every aspect.  I think she’s had a great time, and I know we’ve loved having her part of the team!  We are all looking forward to seeing what great new things 2014 brings for At a Glance and for us all!

So that about rounds it up for our first year.  As the contributors said, thank you all so much for coming along on the ride with us!  Here’s hoping we’ll be bringing more interesting Features and articles in 2014!  I would also like to thank all of those who were Featured in At a Glance this past year.  Giving of your time and energy with your busy schedules, I am forever grateful.  I still wonder sometimes how I managed to be so fortunate to be able to share just a small part of your journeys.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all…and while you’re here, make sure you catch the special Feature posted in celebration of our anniversary!  I was privileged to chat with the lovely Eoin Macken as he discusses his Feature Film, Cold!

2 thoughts on “Happy One Year Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations on such high quality production for an entire year! I had no idea your blog was just starting when I found it! Its creativity and insight had me thinking you had been doing this forever. I still have no idea how you could introduce us and interview all the great artists featured on your blog month after month! How someone from the Pacific Northwest can bring the world to know promising young artists from Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and the US is quite an achievement! You have great sensitive insight and ability as a writer-journalist but also a big heart and people love that permeates your blog! Keep on delighting us!

  2. Congrats Jayne and the rest of you! And Happy Birthday Everyone!

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