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Hurry Up Before I Die – Evora

March 16, 2013 by 

Review of Dublin Based Band Evora’s Debut Album

Not really knowing how to start this music review (it will be a music review in the end if it all goes according to plan, I promise), I do not consider myself an expert in the matter, far from it actually, but I know what I like.  What I look for in a song, in a voice, is this little thing that makes me forget, that takes me to a complete other world.

A few months ago, I watched a movie (Dreaming For You by Eoin Macken) and fell in love with a song, a voice, that of Evora, an Irish band from County Dublin.  If you are an avid reader of At a Glance, you’ve already heard of them, as Jayne interviewed Alan Rickard (the voice of Evora) a few months back.

Anyway, I heard the song Shelter, was blown away by the music as well as the lyrics and knew from then on that I would be following Evora’s career.  I listened to all the songs they had on YouTube numerous times, and had my friends listen to them as well (I am very persistent when I want something).  On November 3rd, I was lucky enough to meet Alan at a convention and hearing him sing live only reinforced my musical crush.  By that time I knew that Evora was in the studio to record their debut album and it felt like time couldn’t be slower until they finally released it.  Today, March 15th is their big day.  Hurry Up Before I Die is released worldwide on iTunes and I can hardly type from all the excitement.

Music is a very personal thing and I know that nobody reacts the same to a song, so this review is purely based on my feelings towards this album and my complete lack of musical terms isn’t helping but I’ll try my best to review this album for you.

Hurry Up Before I Die – Evora

Evora Hurry Up Before I Die - Cover

Photo Courtesy of Evora

Track 1 – Close to You

Track 2 – Started To Wish You Well

Track 3 – Into The Fire

Track 4 – Running Scared

Track 5 – Tell Me Your Name (Feat. Shannon)

Track 6 – Any Other Way

Track 7 – In Your Eyes

Track 8 – Meet Me By The Water

Track 9 – Jangle

Track 10 – Tomorrow

Track 11 – Fall Away

Track 12 – Close To You (Reprise)

There is a strong feeling of melancholy throughout the album. It doesn’t necessarily mean a feeling of sadness though. Obviously Hurry Up Before I Die isn’t a party album.  You won’t dance your butt off listening to it, but as you get to know the songs, you’ll feel the urge to sway to the beautiful melody and voice of Alan Rickard.  It is as if your body and mind were finding the perfect pace and all you have to do is enjoy it while it lasts.  If this album works for you the way it does for me, the feeling could last a very long time.  The songs linger in your mind long after you’ve stopped listening to them and you have to fight the urge to stop everything you are doing just to sit as comfortably as possible to listen to those 12 songs over and over again.  This is not something that happens to me very often (and I listen to a lot of music) but Evora has that power that makes me want to do nothing but listen to them.

As Close To You opens this album, you feel a strong pop rock vibe coming from the song.  Guitars and drums harmonize perfectly, it’s upbeat and only leaves you wanting more.  If they want to be my James Dean and me to be their Baby Blue, I say yes, I’ll stay with them tonight (this being a paraphrase of the lyrics, obviously).  An acoustic version of Close To You closes the album the best way possible.

I already knew the acoustic version of Started To Wish You Well (Evora released it on YouTube as a thank you for the 5000+ views of Tell Me Your Name) and I’m not disappointed one bit by the studio version.  This song has a slower pace and the gentle melancholy that comes out of it makes me feel right where I should be.

I also knew Any Other Way, a song they put on YouTube months ago and which I had listened to a lot (and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT).  This is a re-recording of the song and although mainly similar, the little changes in the voice and arrangements make it sound stronger and deeper.

Tell Me Your Name is the perfect combination of Alan and Shannon’s voices.  The song came out in late December 2012 and although I won’t tell you how many times I listened to this song (because the number is ridiculously high), I can guarantee that it will not leave you indifferent.  It is one of those times when magic is in the air and all you want to do is sit back and be a witness to it.

Running Scared is more folk/rock.  I feel it’s very 60s music inspired.

Meet Me By The Water and Jangle have a similar touch and the sadness in the music makes me think of Country Music.  I happen to like Country Music very much so this is a compliment.

From all the acoustic versions Evora had put on YouTubeTomorrow was my favorite for various reasons and the studio version is just as perfect.  The vocals will haunt you just like the riffs of guitar.

In Your Eyes, with its soft vocals and the amazing guitar solo was an instant crush in this album but what I really need to talk to you about is the song Fall Away.  I have already listened to it over 30 times and it is one of those songs I could listen to over and over again forever. The lyrics are so beautiful, Alan’s voice is simply perfect (but at this point you’ve all figured that I have a thing for Alan’s voice so you should not be surprised anymore).  The slow pace of the beginning, the intense ending, and everything in between make this a perfect song.  I cannot wait to listen to it live.  Actually I can’t wait to listen to all these songs live and I truly hope I will be able to soon.

In a word ( more than a word), I will tell you that no matter how many expectations I had for this album, they were all met and beyond.  Thank you Evora for making March 15th,  2013 a date to remember… always…

You can find Jayne’s interview with Alan HERE

Evora Single Release photo

Photo Courtesy of Evora

4 thoughts on “Hurry Up Before I Die – Evora

  1. Whouaou ! I totally agree with your blog on the matter of Evora even if I came across this wonderful band only a few weeks ago (and that is proof of their talent).
    fantastic blog !
    It would be great indeed to hear all those songs live, much less easy for me living in Paris but it would be worth a trip in Dublin or maybe London.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I thought that Leeloo did a great job expressing her thoughts about Evora, and apparently there are many of us that agree! So glad you ran across them and are enjoying their music! Hearing them perform live would be amazing!! I actually live in the States, so even harder for me, but never say never…if there was ever an opportunity, you can be sure that I would be there!

  2. I’m patiently waiting for my hard copies of HUBID to arrive …. ok, less of the patient maybe!!! 😉
    I too am an avid country music lover & the tones & highlights in Evora’s music often invoke the same feelings in me of the story-telling & emotion that most good country music accomplishes… And I LOVE a good story told in music!
    I was lucky enough to meet Alan on Nov 3rd as well, and he’s an outstanding live performer… just himself & his guitar …. the sounds of the pairing were just incredible … and indelibly printed on my memory. I feel VERY privileged to have heard his voice & music that day. Such a great, down-to-earth, funny, and unassuming guy as well. And ALL these guys are such AMAZING mates to each other! Their bonds are clear and unbreakable…. we’d ALL love to surround ourselves with mates such as these guys! They’re a great advertisement for what the human condition should really be all about 🙂
    Hoping that all the incredibly hard graft, sweat, tears & emotion that have so obviously been lovingly placed in the hands of this debut album, will pay off in spades…… Evora deserve EVERY success possible, and I wish them well with all my heart….. xxxx

  3. I love this music, especially Fall Away.

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