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Keeping up with Josh

Photo Courtesy of Josh Sabarra

Congratulations to Josh Sabarra on the success of his first publication, Porn Again.  Josh was At A Glance‘s first Feature way back in the winter of 2012.  At that time he mentioned his dream project was to pen a book and that he had actually began the process of developing it!  Two years later, he saw this wonderful dream evolve into fruition!  Upon publication, Josh has been doing promotions such as Sirius Radio, book signings, and discussion sessions.  He’s also keeping bookstores stocked with pre-signed copies of the book, which apparently seem to keep running out.  No shock there.

Thanks Josh, for sharing your journey with us.  We are celebrating with you today and wish for many more exciting things to come your way!

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Happy Fall!

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Happy Fall!

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Time once again for some updates!! Our Featured people sure have been busy, although you may not have noticed since we’ve still been fairly quiet here. I have had to take some time away to deal with a family health issue, but am hoping that things are on the up swing and I’ll be able to dedicate more time again to all of the amazing things I enjoy Featuring! So… let’s get caught up a little bit!  Read More

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Reflections of the Legend – Author Interview with E.A. Schneider

Photo Courtesy of E.A. Schneider

One of the things I wanted to do when I started At a Glance was to help support new talent.  Those who were out there pursuing their dreams and making a way for themselves.  I have always been someone who would share news and updates, doing my part to get the word out for people I ran across on Facebook or Twitter.  But At a Glance gives me a venue to showcase some of these folks, and in my own little way, be a part of their journey.  I hope to be able to continue to be fortunate to share their adventures with all of you.

That being said, recently I had the pleasure of getting to know a lovely lady named Elisabeth Schneider.  Elisabeth, or Beth, is in the process of publishing her first book.  Being an aspiring writer myself, I was interested in her journey and the book itself (it’s actually a series!) which uses the legend of Camelot as its backdrop.  Read More