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Reflections of the Legend – Author Interview with E.A. Schneider

Photo Courtesy of E.A. Schneider

One of the things I wanted to do when I started At a Glance was to help support new talent.  Those who were out there pursuing their dreams and making a way for themselves.  I have always been someone who would share news and updates, doing my part to get the word out for people I ran across on Facebook or Twitter.  But At a Glance gives me a venue to showcase some of these folks, and in my own little way, be a part of their journey.  I hope to be able to continue to be fortunate to share their adventures with all of you.

That being said, recently I had the pleasure of getting to know a lovely lady named Elisabeth Schneider.  Elisabeth, or Beth, is in the process of publishing her first book.  Being an aspiring writer myself, I was interested in her journey and the book itself (it’s actually a series!) which uses the legend of Camelot as its backdrop.  Read More

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Merlin – The Time Has Come

merlin-season-5-promo pic

Photo Courtesy of BBC One and @MerlinOfficial

Kind of…

My Tumblr is laden with Merlin things as the series finally reaches it’s end on Christmas Eve.  I am heartbroken and excited at the same time, for multiple reasons.  I don’t want the series to end, yet I know it must.  Yet I can’t wait for the end to get here because these last episodes have been so good, it’s amazing to watch.  At the same time, I don’t want it to end not just because I will miss it, but because of the fear I have..will I be unhappy with the way it ends?  Will I be satisfied but sad because of where they take the characters and it ruins me on an emotional level?  Will I be happy all the way around, or will I totally hate it…   Read More…