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Catching Up with Geoffrey Breton

April 12, 2014

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Breton

Working in the Entertainment Industry can have it’s ebb and flow.  Seems lately many of those we’ve Featured in At a Glance have been keeping themselves quite busy.  I find it very interesting all of the things that these fine folks juggle and balance in their work.  Keeping themselves busy seems to require a variety of talents.  Recently I had a chance to catch up with Geoffrey Breton and he shared some of what he’s been working on during this hectic time for him.

Flying this week from London to New York, Geoffrey traveled to celebrate the Shorty Award Nomination for Button Eyes, the music film short which became a Finalist in the Kickstarter of the Year category.  More details about the short are posted in this Post.  While in New York, Geoffrey said that he would be taking meetings with producers for directing projects as well as some acting auditions.

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Breton

Button Eyes isn’t the only short that Geoffrey has recently been involved in.  Corvidae, starring Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), is a short, silent pastoral horror film written and directed by Tom de Ville.  The film is produced by Cat and Weasel Films and Wolfheart Productions, of which Geoffrey is Associate Director.  Some of his time in New York will also be spent promoting this film, which is almost finished.  Be looking for future updates on this project!

Big Finish Recording Studio — Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Breton

Another area that Geoffrey does work in is Audio.  Back in January, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in an Audio Drama for Imaginary Boys, which was produced by Scott Handcock for BBC Radio Drama Cymru Wales.  Aside from this outstanding production, Geoffrey has done quite a bit of work for Big Finish audio books (including The Confessions of Dorian Gray, which is my personal favorite!)  He shared that his current project for Big Finish was just revealed to the public to be The Avengersa take off on the 1960’s television series.  Another current audio project includes a video game with Kate Saxon, which he is not yet legally able to divulge the details, but as it comes available I’ll try and be sure to fill you all in!

Diversity is the name of the game when it comes to work.  Jaunting off to Barcelona, Geoffrey just completed a commercial job for Audi.  But never fear, the theater is never far away.  Come July, he’ll be at the Festival D’Avignon in the South of France performing in The Humans by Alexandre Singh.  I’ve included a video of a previous performance of this project to get an idea of how amazing this will be!

Well, that certainly is enough to make your head spin!  I’m looking forward to bringing more detailed information as things develop.  Big thanks to Geoffrey for taking time to give us a peek into his schedule.  You may also like to check out the links below for other related information.

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Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Breton

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