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Chris Hyson – Button Eyes: Music Film Short

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Poster Courtesy of Geoffrey Breton
Photo Credit to Thom Dobbin

Button Eyes has finally been released for viewing!  Due to privacy settings, you must view from the Vimeo page…

click HERE to watch now!!

“Button Eyes” Screen Cap with Valene Kane and Alexander Vlahos

This is an updated blog post chronologizing the journey of the Button Eyes music film short.  Updates may be listed throughout the article.

**UPDATE 6-2-14**  Just announced that the video for Button Eyes will be released publicly on Friday, June 6, 2014!

**UPDATE 1-21-14**  Nominations are now closed in the Shorty Awards and Button Eyes has been listed as a Finalist!  Congrats team!

**UPDATE 1-19-14**  Button Eyes music film short has been nominated for a Shorty Award!  If you would like to add your voice, you may do son on Button Eyes nomination page!  Best of luck to the Button Eyes team!!

Photo Courtesy of Chris Hyson

5/10/2013…  About two months ago I did an interview with fabulous musician Chris Hyson.  At that time Chris shared about his newly released digital album, Little Moon Man.  When thinking of ways to promote his music, Chris, along with his friend Alexander Vlahos, embarked on a project to create a music film short for one of the amazing tracks titled Button Eyes.  Along the way, the guys added Geoffrey Breton from Wolfheart Productions to direct and help with the story line.

Photo Courtesy of Alexander Vlahos’ Twitter

The really fun part about all of this is that Chris has opened the funding of the video up to the public through the Kickstarter program.  This means that we all have an opportunity to be a part of this great project!  The team has launched their Kickstarter page and presented an intro video to give us a little taste of the details and who’s involved, so make sure you head over and see what it’s all about!  Then share with everyone and help spread the word!  BUT!  Time is short!  They have set the deadline for May 29!  So, hurry yourself over to the Kickstarter page, check out the great incentives and donate if you’d like!!  You won’t be sorry!!  You can find Chris‘ music on iTunes and catch up with him on Twitter!

**UPDATE 5-21-13**  It’s just been announced that Kajsa Mohammar has been cast to play the Mystery Blond female lead!  Kajsa is an international fashion model and also happens to be Alex Vlahos‘ lovely real life girlfriend.  So exciting to have her make an appearance and participate in this project!

Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Breton

**UPDATE 8-23-13**  We now have a published interview with Geoffrey Breton!  Find out more about him and his work with Wolfheart Productions, as well as his thoughts on the Button Eyes project!  Geoffrey Breton – Chain Reaction

Photo Courtesy of Valene Kane’s Twitter

**UPDATE 8-30-13**  Filming has now concluded!  Due to a scheduling conflict, Kajsa Mohammar was unable to appear for filming, but the team was fortunate to have Valene Kane step in and play the roll of the Mystery Blond.  The crew is now moving into the editing phase!

“Button Eyes” Screening
Photo Courtesy of Alexander Vlahos

**UPDATE 1-14-14**  On January 12, 2014, a screening was held for those whose perk level for donation was included.  I checked in with Geoffrey afterwards and asked him how things went.  “…it was a lovely evening.  Total success.  It was really gratifying for us to get to show the film to (some of) the people who had made it possible for us to make it.  I know Alex Vlahos and Chris Hyson are very happy with it, which makes us at Wolfheart very, very happy.  We can’t wait for everyone to see it and are busy finishing off and sending out remaining rewards to pledgers.”  Here is a photo of Geoffrey with Alex at the screening!  Keep watch on this page for further updates!

Geoffrey Breton and Alexander Vlahos
“Button Eyes” Screening in London
Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Breton

Geoffrey Breton On Location in Whitstable for
“Button Eyes” Kickstarter Intro Video
Photo Courtesy of Geoffrey Breton

Alex on set in Whitstable

Alex Vlahos and Jay Oxley (Director of Photography)
On Location in Whitstable for “Button Eyes” Music Film Short
Photo Courtesy of Wolfheart Productions’ Twitter

Geoffrey and Alex location for Button Eyes Credit to Thom Dobbin

Geoffrey Breton and Alex Vlahos in Whitstable
On Location for “Button Eyes” Music Film Short
Photo Courtesy of Thom Dobbins’ Twitter

Alex Vlahos and Jay Oxley in Whitstable
On Location for “Button Eyes” Music Film Short
Photo Courtesy of Wolfheart Productions’ Twitter

Photo Courtesy of Chris Hyson

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