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Happy Fall!

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Time once again for some updates!! Our Featured people sure have been busy, although you may not have noticed since we’ve still been fairly quiet here. I have had to take some time away to deal with a family health issue, but am hoping that things are on the up swing and I’ll be able to dedicate more time again to all of the amazing things I enjoy Featuring! So… let’s get caught up a little bit!  Read More

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Summertime Updates!

Where has this summer gone?!  Taking a little down time during this season, I thought it was time to do an update to connect up with what some of our amazing Features have been up to!  First off though, time for a little celebration!  Very excited to share that At a Glance has SURPASSED THE 20,000 VIEWS MARK!! WOW! That is so amazing, we are having regular visits daily and people continue to return and check out what’s happening with all of our amazing friends who were so generous to share their time with us for Features! I think we need to celebrate… so who’s up for cake?!  And while we are enjoying the cake, take a minute to see just what these Featured friends have been up to…  Read More

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That One Dude in the Cutoffs…

A Bit of Banter with Storyboard Artist K. Douglas MacRae…

Doug Cylon Photo

Photo Courtesy of K. Douglas MacRae

I met K. Douglas MacRae way back in the day when online fandoms consisted solely of mailing lists and IRC chat rooms.  Attending a Convention in Toronto, Canada, a small group of fans had come together to celebrate the original La Femme Nikita television series.  Although I was a Committee Chair for the Con, I was new to the fandom world and didn’t know much about the process of television production and behind the scene responsibilities. While checking in VIPs during the pre-event setup, I met an energy-filled production guy by the name of Doug.  Read More