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August 7, 2014

Where has this summer gone?!  Taking a little down time during this season, I thought it was time to do an update to connect up with what some of our amazing Features have been up to!  First off though, time for a little celebration!  Very excited to share that At a Glance has SURPASSED THE 20,000 VIEWS MARK!! WOW! That is so amazing, we are having regular visits daily and people continue to return and check out what’s happening with all of our amazing friends who were so generous to share their time with us for Features! I think we need to celebrate… so who’s up for cake?!  And while we are enjoying the cake, take a minute to see just what these Featured friends have been up to…

First off, we’ve got some amazing new music from Chooka Parker!  Chooka has collaborated with vocalist Sarah Leaf for a new single, It Doesn’t Matter Now.  Chooka performed with Sarah during a tour visit to Japan and the two hit it off so well, it was inevitable they would work together.  Along with the new single, Chooka has rolled out a new Website and things are looking shiny and fresh!  Be sure to grab a copy of the new single available on iTunes and check out his original Feature with us!


United’s Hero
Photo Courtesy of KD Macrae

Next up, so excited to bring you news of an amazing project from our friend, Doug MacRae.  As you may recall, Doug has worked in the television and film industry wearing a number of different hats, but most notably as a Storyboard Artist.  From his artwork talent, Doug is in process of creating a film short based on a character he created titled United.  He shared that It’s a superhero theme that speaks (visually) of the relationship between the police and community and how one can’t exist/function without the other.  Basically the hero saves a young girl being attacked by a creature that symbolizes crime.  He then takes on more and more of these creatures until eventually he’s overpowered.  The young girl comes back and has alerted the community.  Strength in numbers drives the bad guys away and the hero and community stand united.  It’s aimed at 12-22 year olds or just about anyone that loves comics.  It’s a mix of live action and integrated comic book panels.  Filming is completed and Doug is working through post production.  We’ll continue to update as things move forward. For more sneak peeks, LIKE Doug’s Facebook page!  Make sure and check out our Feature with Doug.

One of our Featured actors, Aaron Poole, has a new film released on Netfilx titled The Conspiracy.  It is a mocumentary (or is it? LOL!) that includes some amazing hand held camera sequences.  IMDb describes it as A documentary about conspiracy theories takes a horrific turn after the filmmakers uncover an ancient and dangerous secret society.  I watched it earlier today and thought that the build up to the pivotal scene was quite good.  For the Copper fans out there, you may also notice as an added bonus; Aaron’s co-star, James Gilbert, who portrayed John Wilkes Booth in Copper along side Aaron’s Robert Cobb Kennedy is also along for the Conspiracy ride.  Aaron has been keeping himself busy with a number of other projects coming out soon, so keep an eye out for future updates! Catch up on Aaron’s Feature here and check out The Conspiracy’s trailer!


Photo Courtesy of The Humans

And one last update with Geoffrey Breton... Geoffrey finished up a run of The Humans at the Festival D’Avignon in France.  He appears in this VIDEO and you can spot him by looking for the gent with the glasses and the great singing voice!  Be sure to check out the photos and info from the amazing production in the first link.  Geoffrey was also featured in a recent short film titled Phone Box.  More info can be found at the film’s Facebook Page.  On top of all that, Geoffrey is also still busily supporting the Act for Change project, campaigning for equality in British TV drama, which has been receiving much support from those in the industry.  More information may be found at the project’s webpage, as well as lots more fun stuff in Geoffrey’s Feature.

That’s all the updates for now… looking forward to posting some new Features soon.  Now get back out there and enjoy some sunshine!

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